February Loves


Hello loves,

I got this diffuser from Saje for Christmas from my grandparents. I had been wanting one for so long and I absolutely love it. I use it every single day and it makes my room smell better and it  makes me feel better too!

I picked up this Lavender Essential Oil when I was having a hard time sleeping because of a knee injury. I use it in my diffuser every night and now I can’t sleep without it. The scent makes me feel so relaxed and puts me right to sleep.

If you are looking for inspiration in these dreary months, I recommend stopping at chapters and picking up She by Kate Spade. It is full of pink pages, beautiful pictures, empowering stories and quotes. It’s perfect for finding inspiration, I highly recommend it! Plus, it looks totally cute on your bookshelf or coffee table.

I also got this Ted Baker Bag for Christmas from my parents. I use it as a lunch bag but I get compliments on it almost every single day because people think it’s my purse. It is so glamorous, it makes me feel so put together when I use it even when I am wearing my yoga clothes. The material and the colour is amazing. I think everything I got for Christmas this year was rose gold, I might be kind of obsessed.

I hope you are all having a lovely March so far and enjoy the rest of your week!




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