Glossier Skincare

Hello loves,

Today, I’d like to share with you my new skincare routine that I started after receiving the Glossier Phase 1 Set for Christmas from my parents. I have noticed a huge change in my skin since taking better care of it and having a consistent daily routine. My skin is less red and blotchy and always feels smooth and moisturized. I’ve never had terrible skin but I’ve also never taken very good care of it until now. I think it makes a big difference when you use quality products that are gentle on your skin but hard on make-up and grime.

First, I start with the Milky Jelly Cleanser. I use it without water to get all my makeup off before bed and I use it with water when I wake up in the morning to start off my day feeling fresh.


Second, I use the Priming Moisturizer. It is a great moisturizer that’s very light on your skin but buildable. It is the perfect base to create a smooth canvas for your makeup. I love it!


Lastly, I use the Balm Dotcom on any dry parts of my face. It helps with the super dry Calgary climate and leaves my skin feeling hydrated.


I’d love to hear what your skincare routine is in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “Glossier Skincare

  1. My skincare routine consists of dove soap and water to take off all my makeup before bed. In the morning I use a light face cream called La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV Intense Lotion SPF 15 – 50ml to protect my sensitive skin! I would love to try out your skincare routine!


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