Fall Feelings

Lauren and Jack-7272Lauren and Jack-7282Lauren and Jack-7229Lauren and Jack-7085Lauren and Jack-7145Lauren and Jack-7057Lauren and Jack-7094Lauren and Jack-7031Lauren and Jack-7149

My outfit: Dress | Booties | Hat

Jake’s outfit: Shirt | Pants | Shoes

Hello loves,

In honour of National Boyfriend Day, I am posting these super cute photos of me and my wonderful boyfriend along with some fun facts about our relationship.

  1. We met in High School. I called dibs on Jake on the very first day of Grade 10. I actually said, “I dibs white shirt” because he was wearing a white shirt that day. It’s a super embarrassing story for me because Jake had no idea who I was for a whole month, and in the meantime, I was crushing on him hard. My family still makes fun of me all the time for it.
  2. Jake and I have been to Costa Rica twice together, Phoenix once and Kimberley a few times.
  3. We did a full three months of long-distance dating in the eleventh grade when I went on an exchange to France which was tough but totally worth it.
  4. We have been dating for four years this November. Four years!!! Isn’t that wild? It feels like just yesterday that I was calling dibs on him.
  5. I love him lots and lots and I am super lucky to know him.

September 26

Thank you to Dana Gerlitz for taking these amazing photos of the two of us. You can see all her photos over on her Instagram.

I hope you all have a lovely week!







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