Cozy Sweater and Girlfriend Jeans

Lauren - blog post-6663Lauren - blog post-6670Lauren - blog post-6672Lauren - blog post-6679Lauren - blog post-6690Lauren - blog post-6732lauren-blog-post-67422.jpgGirlfriend Jeans | Sweater sold out (similar style here) | Loafers (you can find other styles herehere and here)

Hello loves,

I was so eager for this Fall weather to begin. I absolutely adore this time of year – the leaves, the crisp air, the warm drinks and the big cozy sweaters are all things I look forward to. I was so excited to start wearing Fall clothes this year because Fall fashion is so different than any other season. The season is full of rich colours and lots of layering, it’s lovely!

I am going to start posting a weather report from the day that I wore any look that I post. You can now search in the search bar for any temperature or type of weather to know exactly the type of clothing that would be appropriate for that day. I hope you enjoy this new feature!


I can’t wait to post the rest of my outfits for you to see. For now, I would love to hear what your favourite things about Fall are. Leave a comment on this post!

All of these photos were taken by my wonderful friend, Dana Gerlitz. Her photography is absolutely amazing. Go check out her Instagram!




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