Simon’s is here!

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Simon’s, a Canadian clothing store, has recently made their first debut in Calgary at the Core Shopping Centre and I could not be more excited. The first time I had ever been to Simon’s was on St.Catherine’s street in Montreal and I fell in love. It is such a fun store with so many different styles to suit anyone. They have a ton of brands from a range of prices but overall it is a very reasonably priced store. The one at The Core is 5 STORIES!!! I know, it’s crazy! I couldn’t believe it. There are two sides to the store taking up a huge part of the mall and you can access it from either the +15 or from Stephen Avenue. If you are driving down on the weekend, don’t forget to do valet parking at The Core entrance for 3 free hours, and then only $2 after that. It’s super convenient.

I love so many of the clothes there and I’ve already bought so much but, I really want to go back to get some more stuff for Spring. I’ve tagged some of the stuff I’ve had my eye on. I’m really into blue and white right now and they have a ton of it in stock which is perfect.

Hope you are all having a lovely week and enjoying this nice weather!






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