Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide.jpg

1.Love Poems 2.Happy/Love Ceramic Mugs 3. The Lip Scrub 4. Rosie Wrapped Gift 5.Kate Spade Phone Case 6.What I Love About You – fill in the blanks 7.Tassel Crossbody 8.You’re My Fave Candle 9.Sugarfina Valentine’s Day Bento Box

Valentine’s Day is exactly one week away so you might want to start shopping now!

Jake and I don’t buy gifts for each other on Valentine’s. We tend to do something together instead because we can’t afford to spend more so soon after Christmas.

If you also can’t afford much, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a handwritten card. This is one of my favourite things to receive from Jake.

I will be posting some more leading up to Valentine’s Day with ideas that don’t cost anything at all. So stay tuned and in the meantime –  I hope you enjoy these gift ideas that are in a reasonable price range.







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