Getting Ready for Grad

Grad can be such a stressful mess or it can live up to all your high expectations! So take my advice on how to make your grad night one to remember. I am going to start by saying that it is easy to be disappointed if one thing goes wrong. Say your hair doesn’t work, your date is late, it’s raining, or a million other seemingly catastrophic events happen. Do not let the little things get the best of you. Take a breath and remember that you are almost done high school and you get to spend the day celebrating with all the people that you may not see next year. Make the most of your time together and appreciate this once in a lifetime day!laurenceaser_grad_final-43-of-44laurenceaser_grad_final-42-of-44laurenceaser_grad_final-41-of-44-1laurenceaser_grad_final-34-of-44laurenceaser_grad_final-28-of-44laurenceaser_grad_final-18-of-44laurenceaser_grad_final-12-of-44laurenceaser_grad_final-4-of-44-1laurenceaser_grad_final-3-of-44laurenceaser_grad_final-2-of-4412924581_1102974649739787_4865761936901055554_nDress:

Make sure that if you are ordering a custom dress that you do it soon, because you may still need to make alterations which takes time. I picked up my dress in Ottawa when I was there for a wedding and I instantly fell in love with it! Although I absolutely adored it, I still needed to make a few changes to it. I got it cut a little shorter in the front for a subtle high-low look so I didn’t have to pick it up when I walked and so you could see my super cute shoes! I got all these alterations done at Newton’s in Willow Park. They were amazing and super quick. Jake also got his suit altered there. If you are thinking of getting them done, just call first to book an appointment.

Hair & Makeup:

If you are going to get your hair and makeup done by a professional make sure you trust this person. Do not leave it till the last minute to book this appointment and spend time in advance pinning ideas that you might want. I think your best bet is to do a test run just in case there are things you want to change. I never did and I was very happy with my results but I was also very stressed going into the day. I did my own makeup and spent months practicing to get it perfect. Personally, I think everyone does their own makeup the best but if you are not into makeup like I am or just want to get it done by a professional, it is also a great way to go! If your hair or makeup doesn’t turn out the way you exactly pictured it, DO NOT WORRY!!! You will look beautiful no matter what and don’t let one strand of hair or a flaw in your lipstick application get you down.


Make sure when you are booking your limo that you don’t book for consecutive hours but for 3 or 4 hours that can be split up over the course of the night. We booked with XLimo and it worked out perfectly. We had our limo pick us up from my house because it was raining that day but normally it would pick you up around 3 or 4 pm at a lake. I would advise getting a photographer for your group at the lake and meeting at around 2-2:30 pm for pictures. The limos have preset packages for grad and will take you to the typical places like the lookout and peace bridge prior to your dinner. They also have backup places if it is raining, such as Devonian gardens and other pretty places. Then our limo dropped us off at the banquet at around 5:30 pm. We had him pick us up again around 9:30 pm to drive us to our after grad and because we didn’t get consecutive hours, we were one of the only groups with a limo ride home. We asked the limo to pick us up at around 1:30-2am from after grad and he made two stops back in our neighborhoods. It worked out so well. That way your parents aren’t picking you up downtown at 2 am but from a designated spot near your house.

Purse Contents:

Keep it pretty simple. You don’t want your clutch to be weighing you down.

  1. Eyelash glue if you are wearing falsies
  2. Lipstick or gloss
  3. Powder for a touch-up
  4. Gum
  5. Feminine products (just in case)
  6. ID
  7. Cash

Corsage and boutonniere:

Make sure you pre-order these a couple weeks before grad and have them picked up either the day before or the day of. Jake and I got ours from Rhosyn Floral and I absolutely loved the way they turned out. Jake and I also did their graduation photo shoot to promote the products last year and it was so fun. We were given our corsage and boutonniere for free because of the shoot. They are so nice and they love to make an arrangement specifically for your outfits. I definitely recommend getting yours from here!13118864_1127900453913873_1634164571651888845_n.jpg13245340_1139606972743221_5328946927264973270_n13265893_1139606586076593_7542288100914613630_n

I hope all you ladies have a magical night! Please feel free to contact me or comment on this post if you want any other questions answered. I will also be posting a few more times up until the big day to help you all get ready.



*Most photos were taken by Max Foley



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