Best of 2016


  1. Valentine’s day with my love. We made a homemade pasta, salad, garlic bread and cake together and celebrated on a budget. It was the best Valentine’s day yet.
  2. When my favourite German friend, Maren, came to visit on spring break. I missed her so much and it was so nice to see her again. I hope she visits again this year.
  3. My family, Jake and I, went to Vero Moderne Bistro in Calgary for my mom’s birthday and it is by far my favourite restaurant in Calgary to date. I have tried a lot of new restaurants this year but this one is just so delicious. No one left disappointed with their meal and the service and atmosphere was excellent.
  4. The Juno Awards with my girlfriends. Although it was short it was still an amazing experience to see a show like that live.
  5. Graduating from high school with my friends and boyfriend. Grad was such a busy and chaotic day but I couldn’t have asked for a better one. We had so much fun dressing up and graduating along side all of the people we have grown up with.
  6. Also grad, there will be another blog post soon about how I prepared for grad to help all of you who are graduating in 2017.
  7. My grad present from my parents, a trip to New York, was such a wonderful experience I was so grateful for. I have another blog post about it here.
  8. My 18th birthday party with all my friends and family was such a lovely day and I felt so special. I have a blog post on it here.
  9. My blog has been getting way more traffic this year which is probably due to my more frequent posting and dedication to my blog. I am super proud of it and I have really made an effort to make it a priority in 2016. I hope to grow my blog views to at least double in 2017.
  10. I started my first year of my Bachelor of Communications, a four year degree in Information Design. I am super excited about it and I have made some amazing friends already. I can’t wait to learn everything that my profs have to offer. So far it has been such a great experience at Mount Royal.
  11. I was soooooo excited when I found out my grandparents were coming for Thanksgiving. I’ve grown up in Calgary  my whole life but my  family is from out East and I am so family oriented that it is really hard when we are alone on the holidays. I was so happy to have family to celebrate Thanksgiving with. I wish they could stay forever! I have a blog post on my 2016 Thanksgiving here.
  12. My sister had her very first art show at ACAD. She is in her fourth year of her degree and I was so proud to be her sister. Her show was amazing and so is she!
  13. A Christmas tradition of mine and Jake’s is to get a photo with Santa every year. I love this tradition because it is so fun to see all the photos year after year.
  14. Jake and I’s 3 year anniversary was such a lovely night. We went to Cilantro and had an amazing meal together. Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years! A post on my blog from our date is here.
  15. Ending 2016 and starting 2017 with a trip to Costa Rica with Jake and my family is such a relaxing way to end a busy year and begin a new one. There will be posts up about the trip soon.

I hope everyone has a lovely new year filled with happiness!




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