Holiday Gift Guide for Her


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1. VS Silk Robe, 2. ALMAY COLOR + CARE™ LIQUID LIP BALM, 3. Embellished Wristlet, 4. Sweetheart Perfect Blush, 5. Ban. Do Agenda, 6. Sex Bath Bomb, 7. Kate Spade Rollerball Perfume, 8. Mahogany Balsam Candle (smells like a boy), 9.Pink Hat with Pom-Pom, 10. Aritzia Mittens, 11. LED Makeup Mirror, 12. Pillow Cover, 13. Throw Blanket, 14. All in Good Taste, 15. Bobbette & Belle Cookbook, 16. Swell Water Bottle, 17.  VS Slippers


17 gifts to help us celebrate that there are only 17 more days until Christmas!!!!! I am beyond excited for Christmas this year. I’ve already done all my Christmas shopping and I am just getting ready to wrap.

Everyone knows I am addicted to Chapters. As you can see, the majority of the gifts from my gift guide can be purchased there. I find the quality of the products from Chapters to be so good that I just can’t resist. They have something for everyone. I love that I can go there with Jake or my family and everyone has something to look at. I am always drawn to all the baby pink and glitter!

I honestly believe that every girl in the world should have the Mahogany Balsam candle listed in my gift guide. It is such a good price for a fake boyfriend. It smells like a mixture of yummy cologne and a Christmas tree. I LOVE IT!

I absolutely adore all the lights and the festive activities this time of year. I’m looking forward to really getting into the holiday spirit once this semester wraps up. If any of you are looking for gift ideas, check back here every couple of days for a new gift guide and fun holiday festivities!

I hope the people on your list enjoy these gifts as much as I do!

Happy Holidays!





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