Fall Beauty Favourites


Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm – These are by far my favourite lip “glosses” I have ever tried. (and I’ve tried a lot, trust me!) I use them all year round but I just recently purchased the red for Fall. They are slightly pigmented but just the right amount. My biggest pet peeve is when it is windy, like in the Fall, and my hair sticks to my lip gloss. It’s the worst!! That’s the number one reason why I love this formula so much. It’s hydrating like a balm but not sticky like a gloss. I got mine from Wal-mart. They are so affordable for anyone looking to buy one, they are less than $10! They come in a few different colours but the blooming balm is my go to. It looks lovely over other lipsticks as well.


Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream – This is a must have for Fall for anyone with dry skin. It is a life saver and hydrates like a dream. My face is so oily in the summer and when Fall hits it becomes so dry. If anyone else has this problem, I highly recommend this cream. I use a little amount, about the size of a quarter, every morning and every night. It is just the right amount of moisture and never too oily.




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