Heritage Park


On Saturday, Jake and I made a trip to Heritage Park. It was a Railway Day and we had passes so it was busy with families and a cheap date. The colours were beautiful. I love the beginning of Fall with the trees changing colour. It is one of my favourite times of the year. I love holidays, like I am obsessed with Thanksgiving and Christmas and this weekend felt like the true beginning of the holiday season. I can’t wait! Jake and I enjoyed carrot squash soup at one of the little places to eat there and I got a cookie at the bakery for dessert. Their baked goods are so delicious and if you get there at the right time, fresh out of the oven. Jake of course got icecream (he’s an addict) and I was shocked that it was only $4 for two huuuuge scoops! After we had eaten all that food we decided to do the rides, we started and ended with the ferris wheel because I get too motion sick. We ended up walking around and just enjoying the scenery with horses and trains passing by. It was a lovely way to spend a Fall afternoon. I’m looking forward to all the other Fall festivities we will get up to soon.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well!

Outfit Details:

Shoes: Converse  Pants:  Aritzia Shirt: Loft Jean Jacket: Gap Hat: Nordstrom  Scarf: I got it at a thrift store in Paris! Purse: Kate Spade (Jake got it for me for my 17th birthday, it’s a classic colour!)












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