Trip to NYC


For my high school graduation and birthday gift from my parents I received a five day trip to New York City with my mom. I am fortunate enough to have parents that believe in experiences and that is just what they gave me. Gossip Girl definitely influenced the activities that my mom and I did because we are obsessed but we also enjoyed some touristy activities and some amazing cuisine.

Our first night in New York we dressed up and dined at Butter, the restaurant that Blair and her friends often meet. We had a delicious meal but it was quite a pricey restaurant to splurge at. After finishing our meal we were dying for a filling dessert and that is when we made our way to Junior’s, a famous cheesecake restaurant off of Broadway in Times Square. If you are ever lucky enough to go, I recommend the classic cheesecake with a sauce of your choice on the side. We spent the rest of our night roaming the streets of Times Square until our feet ached and we had to return to our hotel.

On our second day, our first morning we had scheduled a Gossip Girl tour. If you are a Gossip Girl fan like we are then I highly recommend this. It was a very informative tour of the locations from Gossip Girl but I would like to mention that it is a lot of TV watching and very little walking.

The other days blur together but I will list some of the things I loved and recommend you to explore when you travel to the Big Apple.

  • Empire State Building (Blair’s favorite spot)
  • Top of the Rock (at a different time than the Empire State, I recommend doing one in the day and one at night if you are to do both)
  • Mongolia’s Bakery (a Sex and the City must/ the banana pudding is to die for and also the most popular)
  • Serendipity (for an iced hot chocolate)
  • A food tour in Greenwich (you have to try the Doughnut Project’s doughnuts, AMAZING!!)
  • The Metropolitan Museum (The Ex Machina exhibit was perfect for any fashion lover)
  • Lauderee (for some macaroons and tea, I recommend the Mary Antoinette tea, it is delicious)
  • Broadway Show (We saw Aladdin and it is now my very favorite musical, the genie does a spectacular job)
  • Boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty (we didn’t get off at the island because we had our days packed full, it is much smaller than you would expect)


Thanks for reading,

XOXO Gossip Girl


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