21 Pieces of Advice for Girls in High School

This post is inspired by some of the many mistakes I’ve made in high school. Some in my distant past and some that occurred very, very recently. High school is filled with ups and downs and it can be even harder for girls. We are extra emotional at this age and it can become difficult to deal with our issues with the many pressures of friends, boys, school and on top of all that; balancing it all. I’ve learnt many things from the mistakes I’ve made over the past three years and I hope these pieces of advice help those of you that have shared some of the same struggles or may face them one day.
1. Never say something you may soon regret. It could come back and bite you in the butt.
2. Don’t be afraid to look stupid.

3. Make mistakes and learn from them.

4. Don’t take the people you care about for granted.

5. Your parents aren’t as lame as you think they are. Hangout with them more often.

6. Work hard in school so you never have to rely on someone else.

7. Don’t hold grudges. Forgive and forget.

8. Join teams and clubs even if you are nervous or they aren’t considered “cool”.

9. Eat lunch alone and don’t be ashamed of it. No one is judging you.

10. Don’t throw away a friendship because of something stupid.

11. Make time and put in effort into your friendships.

12. Popularity is not a real thing, don’t get caught up on it.

13. Say hi to people, be friendly with everyone but don’t be best friends with everyone. ( That’s way too much work!)

14. Just because you are home alone on a Saturday night does not mean you are a loser. Everyone needs time to themselves sometimes.

15. The things that you think matter now, won’t in even just a couple of months. So just relax and enjoy it while it lasts.

16. One test does not define you! Don’t worry about it and work harder for the next one.

17. Always participate in gym class. Exercise produces endorphins and endorphins help with stress levels.

18. Listen to what people have to say and form your own opinions on things that matter to you.

19. Find what you are passionate about and work hard to be good at it.

20. Don’t let boys or drama change who you are or the way you act.

21. Take every opportunity that arises.

These pieces of advice may be vague in description but take them however they are applicable to you. I hope they can help some of you realize the importance of certain things in your life. I wish I had figured this stuff out earlier but I am happy that I figured it out at all.


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